We are a design and technology lab making software products, engaging in research and providing consulting services in the domains of interactive storytelling, creative collaboration and symbolic AI.

The guiding purpose of Fictiveworks is to empower artists, writers and narrative designers to do our best work by providing tools that adapt to our unique workflows rather than forcing workflows to fit the tools.

We aren’t a massive scale tech startup with deep investment. We’re not aiming to knock existing giants or incumbent apps out of the water. What we can offer is access to unique alternatives that enhance and expand your existing creative process. Think of us as a small craft brewery with our own exclusive recipes for narrative instruments.

The storytelling world is currently being buffetted by opportunistic and extravagent claims about the future of AI and large language models. Regardless of what comes to pass in this space, we believe there’s an ongoing need for modular and transparent systems that enable you to select and adapt unique custom editing features that meet the needs of each project. This is what our product development and research is focused on.

Producing games, books, interactive essays, simulations and other forms of computational media isn’t easy, but it can be a profoundly enriching and meaningful experience to shape the future of culture or change the way that a challenging problem is understood by society.

This potential for combining narrative intelligence with tools for thought is what motivates us. Beyond our core product and R&D work, we seek to give back to the community by sharing the foundational pillars of our technology stack as free and open source software.